“I had struggled with knee issues for years and thought surgery was my only option. Working with Matt Anderson, I am now able to hike without a brace or poles and am back hiking the mountains like I used to. No more pain or swelling and I am so happy to have my quality of life back!”
“I have worked with Matt since 2006- both as a colleague and also receiving healthcare from him. Over the years he has consistently expanded his knowledge to enhance the scope of his practice. Matt is a good listener, shows kindness, compassion, and obtains positive results to improve the health of many. I feel fortunate to know Matt and to be able to call upon him when necessary to bring my health into better balance.”
— Ellen
“Matt Anderson has been a God-send to our family. He has been able to accurately diagnose and treat our chronic health issues that no one else could identify. I have never met a more dedicated and capable medical professional.”
“Matt’s calm and friendly attitude really helped my toddler feel comfortable in a doctor’s office. Now she wants to go visit him just for fun. I never thought she would like going to the doctor, but she loves Dr. Matt!”
“I was experiencing piercing pain in my foot during long runs, and after prolo on my toes, the pain disappeared. Also, I had a recurring pain in my hamstring, and after prolo on my SI joints, that pain also disappeared. My body now feels great, and if something else happens in the future, I will definitely be headed back to see Matt again.”
“We love Matt! He really listens to his patients and works hard to find what is causing any ailments to be able to solve them. He treats people, not just symptoms.”
“My son who is 12 has seen great results so far with prolotherapy. Before receiving it in his S1 joint he would have a upslip within hours after being treated for it. He would experience constant neck and shoulder pain from it until his leg was pulled down. After time and many, many appointments our son along with us chose to try prolotherapy. His life needed a change that we had not seen with other treatments. We honestly felt we had tried everything we could to that point with the results all ending the same, him still being miserable at times and in pain. Osteopothy treatments worked, but didn’t last and our son didn’t want a life of having to go to the doctor every week. He has now gone several months since he has finished prolotherapy without an upslip and it seems to have tighten his ligaments in the SI joint, so he is holding. He does have stretches that are done twice a day and continues osteopothy treatments so we can follow his progress and relieve any pain. Since finishing the prolotherapy his pain has been less and less and praying someday not at all. I believe, as well as my son that prolotherapy has gotten him to a place better than any other treatments had and the proof of less pain is the greatest result from him getting prolotherapy.”