Comprehensive Care


Anderson Integrative Medicine offers a comprehensive approach to health care and pain treatment.  Combining family medicine with the principles of structural integration, prolotherapy, holistic modalities, and nutritional support, your treatment plan will be custom designed to your unique symptoms and health goals. 

“Working with Matt Anderson has provided measurable improvement to my quality of life. His charisma and kindness has been profound in my own journey of healing. Within one session, Matt significantly relieved chronic lower back pain and vertigo that I had been suffering. I highly recommend Matt Anderson.”
— Remy Arnot

Issues Addressed

Low back pain | Chronic Pain | Acute Injury

Arthritis | Chronic Illness | Allergies

Headaches | Concussion

Special Case Pediatrics (autism, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, learning disorders, bedwetting, etc.)

New baby Care (birth injuries, breastfeeding/latch challenges, tongue tie, sleep challenges)

Prenatal (physical pain or discomfort, sleep challenges)

“Matt helped my little girl when no one else could. He focused on finding what was causing her constant illnesses, not just treating the obvious symptoms. Because of him, she is a happy, healthy, energetic kid. He is the best!”

Specialized Training

Osteopathic Manipulation

Prolo Therapy

Nutritional Therapy

Integrative Pediatrics

Family Medicine

“Matt Anderson has been an invaluable medical resource for our family. His holistic approach to health & wellness is refreshing and effective. I leave every appointment feeling seen, heard, cared for and reassured that Matt will work diligently to find a helpful course of treatment. Because of this, I recommend him to my friends and family all of the time.”